South Park: The Fractured But Whole Memberberries location guide

Look out for South Park: The Fractured But Whole memberberries locations as they serve as both a collectible and a vital crafting ingredient required to unlock your final Combat TimeFart. You'll find 14 pots of these purple, nostalgic memberberries hidden around town, but only nine of them are required to earn the Master Memberer title on your Character Sheet. However, it's worth finding them all just to hear their sentimental hot takes on a variety of subjects. We've got all the information you need to find the South Park: The Fractured But Hole memberberries below.

"Member when they made us a collectible in a video game?"
"Sure, I member."
"Member that guide that showed players where to find us all?"
"Ooh yeah, I member that!"

1. Bebe's House

In the kitchen, on the counter to the left.

2. Kevin Stoley's House

In the front room, on the table in front of the sofa. If you've not accessed the house yet, use the Haywire buddy power to open the garage door, then climb the ladders to get inside through the upstairs window.

3. Steed

Go up the stairs to the left of Kenny's House, then look to the far right of the area at the back.

4. Post Office

On the Packing Supplies shelves to the left of the counter.

5. Church

On the left, by the confessionals.

6. Stark’s Pond South

Head left from the pond, then use a firecracker to knock the cover off the grounded boat.

7. Mephesto’s Genetics Lab

Go inside the main gates, then head left to the bush.

8. Skeeter’s Wine Bar

Inside the storage cupboard, to the left of the bar.

9. The Peppermint Hippo

On the sofa to the left in the Management room in the Dressing Rooms area - use the Haywire buddy power to access it.

10. Raisins

Outside Raisins to the right, in a bush behind a breakable log.

11. South Park Senior Center

On the bench outside, next to the statue of the old man.

12. Token's House

In the kitchen, on the middle counter.

13. Bijou Theater

On the front row of seats, to the far left.

14. Canadian Wall

On the path to Canada, to the left by the Canada sign.

Congratulations - you've found all the memberberries in South Park: The Fractured But Whole and become a Master Memberer.

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