How to acquire and unlock all Summons in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

As well as the various allies from Coon and Friends and Freedom Pals you'll recruit during South Park: The Fractured But Whole, there are also some additional characters you can unlock to help you during combat. These Summons can each be used once during the same fight, and require consumables to activate which are only available in limited quantities.

There are four Summons in total that you'll need to unlock to earn the Friend Finder trophy or achievement - two are received as part of the story, and the other two you'll need to track down separately. Here's where you find them all, what they do and what consumable they use.

1. Moses

Unlocked: Complete story mission A Touch of Faith
Consumable: Macaroni Picture (Craftable Item), 10 available
Summon Moses to heal all allies

Defeat the priests in the Church to finish story mission A Touch of Faith, after which Father Maxi will give you your first Macaroni Picture to summon Moses. More Macaroni Pictures can be made in the Crafting menu if you have the correct ingredients.

2. Classi

Unlocked: Complete story mission The Thin White Line
Consumable: Classi's Burner, 5 available
Dial up Classi for a hit n' run attack

A little while after you finish story mission The Thin White Line, Classi will call to thank you for your help and unlock her Summon ability - for us this happened when we went to Token's House to start the Freedom Calling story mission. You only get five of Classi's Burners, so use them wisely.

3. Cheesing Gerald

Unlocked: Complete side mission For Nippopolis
Consumable: Cheesing Vial (Collectible Item), 10 available
Unleash Cheese Gerald to inflict AOE damage on enemies

Head to Steed next to Kenny's House, then use your Fartkour buddy power to reach the rooftop. Fartkour again to the right to find Gerald sat on the next rooftop. You'll need to give him a Cheesing Vial of cat pee to finish the For Nippopolis side mission and unlock his Summon ability - if you've been looting everywhere as you go you should have one already, if not you can get one from Gerald's bedside drawers upstairs in Kyle's House. There are Cheesing Vials hidden all over South Park, so search them out for more opportunities to call in Gerald's Nippopolis bombers.

4. Ned and Jimbo

Unlocked: Complete side mission Peppermint Hippo Lost & Found
Consumable: Ham Radio, 5 available
Thin out enemy numbers with a Ned and Jimbo surprise attack

Visit Jimbo's Guns and talk to Jimbo to trigger the Peppermint Hippo Lost & Found side mission. Once you're able to get inside the Peppermint Hippo, check the table directly in front of the VIP area to find Jimbo's wallet, then return it to him to unlock Ned and Jimbo's Summon ability. You only get five Ham Radios to call them in with, so again use them wisely.

Congratulations - you've unlocked all Summons in South Park: The Fractured But Whole and earned the Friend Finder trophy or achievement.

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