Soul Calibur 6 may see more returning fighters as DLC, according to datamined files

As EventHubs reported, earlier this month Soul Calibur 6 players poked around the game's files and found entries suggesting fan-favorite fighters Cassandra and Amy will be added in upcoming DLC. Well, the list of rumored Soul Calibur 6 DLC fighters recently expanded to eight thanks to Twitter user Koenji and 8wayrun forum user Autumn, who dug up six new files which may also point to incoming characters. 

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According to Autumn, the six new entries were added last week with the release of update 1.11. Per Koenji's Twitter post, these entries are listed below the ones for Cassandra and Amy, which supports Autumn's claim. They're also formatted the same way, and all eight of them mirror the entries for the game's existing characters. Additionally, these entries are labeled "DLC2" through "DLC8," and are listed after DLC fighter 2B - that's Nier: Automata's 2B - which lines up with speculation that these are DLC characters.

The thing is, while 2B, Cassandra, and Amy are all called out by name, the six newest entries are listed under what appear to be code names. Those are: Stone, Yell, Star, Snow, Reptile, and Yellow. In replies to Koenji's Twitter post, fans have speculated that the names Stone and Reptile respectively refer to Rock, the rhino-headed fighter from Soul Edge, and Aeon Calcos, the lizardman from the original Soul Calibur. Reptile could also just be the regular ol' Lizardman fighter. These are pretty literal assumptions, but they do make sense. As for some of the more cryptic entries, some players believe Snow may be a reference to Soul Calibur 3's Setsuka, whose Japanese name contains the kanji for 'snow.' 

This is all unconfirmed information, but there is a pretty solid pattern to it. You know the drill: grain of salt, hold out hope, but don't bet the farm on this. 

This has been a good month for datamined fighting game characters: a few weeks ago, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans found files pointing to a Dragon Quest DLC character.  

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