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Sony's 'Headman' 3D visor promises 3D gaming without the need for a new TV. Penny-pinchers rejoice!

Do you yearn to see Nathan Drake’s sand-covered shirt in three dimensions? Or want to witness the Helghast getting their SS-sponsored helmets knocked off in 3D? No problem. Wait, you’re too cheap to buy a new TV, you say? Well fret not, because Sony is developing a 3D visor (currently nicknamed Headman), which will let you play games without a tele box at all.

Though pricing details, a release date or what games might be compliable with the device are still a mystery, we at least know the Headman will have two small displays (one for each eye). It should alsomake your ear holes sing with its built-in headphones.

Above: Hey, bulky-lookin'

Deputy President of Sony Hiroshi Yoshioka has apparently been using the Headman already to get his simulation on with GT5. Speaking at technology tradeshow CES he said: "Nobody - not even my wife - interrupted me, so I could get the highest score”. Eh yeah, cheers for that, Hiro.

We don’t know about you, but this all has the faint and unpleasant whiff of Virtual Boy 2.0 to us. Here’s hoping the finalvisor will be a bit less migraine-baiting that Nintendo’s monstrosity.

Above: Gaming bliss

If nothing else, the Headman might at leastgive the option of forgoing forking out for a new 3D tele. And while it’ll no doubt make you look like the overlord of Twat Town, we suspect it will be cheaper than a new TV. That said, Toshiba also announced it’s new line of glasses-free 3D sets at CES. The panels will probably cost the Earth, but if you want to be free from shitty looking glasses and embrace 3D, your change purse might have to take the hit.

Above: Mmmm, crippling loan or looking like an idiot? Decisions, decisions


Jan 6, 2010