Sony runs out of 60GB PS3s in the US

Aug 30, 2007

SCEA's Dave Karraker told GamePro that the company's internal stock had been depleted, but that there's evidence that plenty of 60GB PS3sare still left in the channel.

"We no longer have any inventory in SCEA warehouses. All inventory has been purchased and shipped to retailers," Karraker said.

"We don't have visibility as to if that is on their store shelves or in their warehouses at this time. However, based on inventory reports from our retailers, there is ample supply still left in the channel," he added.

Once all of the remaining 60GB PS3s have been snapped up for $499 apiece, the only option left open to consumers will be to purchase the 80GB model, which currently retails for $100 more at $599. It has long been rumored that once all 60GB PS3 stock dries up, the 80GB will be subject to a price cut, but SCEA has failed to be drawn on the matter to date.

"We won't be making any further announcements regarding our PS3 model hardware strategy in North America until the 60GB model is exhausted and market conditions are evaluated," the company has said.

Source:Next Generation