Sony reveals PS Vita First Edition bundle, available on February 15

Can't wait for PlayStation Vita's February 22 release date? Well, there's good news and there's bad news: the good news is that Sony has announced a bundle for the US and Canada that will be coming out on February 15 – a full week before their new handheld will be made available to everyone else – and it comes with the system, a case, a memory card, and a game. The bad news is that, depending on where you live, you might have limited choices as to which system you get.

Sony is calling it the First Edition bundle, and it's already available for pre-order now on Amazon, with other retailers to follow. The only real caveat is the versions of the Vita that are going to be made available. While both the US and Canadian First Edition bundles are going to come with a limited edition case, 4GB PS Vita Memory Card, and Little Deviants game, they each come with different Vitas. Canadian gamers only have access to the Wi-Fi model at $299.99, while those in the US can only get the Wi-Fi + 3G version for $349.99. That will obviously change once the system actually comes out, but as far as the First Edition bundle goes, thems the rules.

Sony says that the First Edition bundle is aimed at their most loyal fans, which would absolutely explain why they're only making the 3G version available at first in the states. Odds are most gamers would rather spend $50 less on the Vita and avoid needing to pay a monthly charge for their system. Only the most die-hard of Sony fans are dedicated enough to jump into that commitment on day one (or, actually, a week earlier than day one), without knowing what games will actually take advantage of the 3G.

To those brave souls, we salute you.

Hollander Cooper

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