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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Cheats

With or without gravity this Sonic racer is finishing in a less than average place.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity FAQs

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Hints

  • Wii, PS2 | Submitted by Cheatmaster45

    Beating Abis

    Mobius Strip Race

    When you finally get to the Mobius strip course, your mission will be to defeat Abis in 5 minutes! In order to finish a lap, you have to damage Abis twice. In order to damage him, wait for the automatic gravity trigger. Use meteor bursts to keep up your gravity bar and make sure you get to him first. If you don't he won't take damage. On the second lap, he'll shoot bullets a you after you damage him and on the final lap, he'll shoot meteors. Beat him and watch the awesome ending.

  • Wii, PS2 | Submitted by Cheatmaster45

    Angel/Devil board

    The Angel/Devil board is an unlockable board you get for beating the Babylon story. It transforms in two different ways. Collect enough rings to shift gears. Look at the gear icon and it'll be spinning. Yellow is the angel gear and purple is the devil gear. Press A as soon as the icon spins to the one you want to transform into it. Now, I'm not sure what the angel gear affects, but the devil gear gives you a pretty good speed boost and looks awesome to boot.

  • PS2 | Submitted by MASTER

    Beating Mobius Strip

    On Mobius Strip theres a giant monster you have to beat in 5:00 in order to win. Let first me say that "beat" in the game directions mean destroy not get ahead of him because it is impossible. In order to destroy the robot, whenever he activates gravity dive pull up/back on the L analog stick and keep flying into the glass (It gains you extra speed). Next try to fly into the last set of glass and be the first to hit him (the computers can't hit him right). Hit him at the bottom where that purple rock is and keep doing this to destroy him.

  • PS2 | Submitted by 19-Sonic_Fan-95

    Top 3 Tips


    1) Stay close to inside edge on corners, this will give you the edge on tight corners this also can get closer to the front of the pack!

    2) Try using your character type to your ability, speed types should always try to keep in a straight line, fly types should try and get perfect moves (score=x)this gives you extra gravity points, Power types have longer attack time when using the item that looks like a fist and a better chance of getting this (try using the short-cuts that looks like sonic running when in the fight position, this includes the springs and laser area's!)

    3) Don't always go for the coolest gear such as "the chaos emerald." It always has a downside like no gravity (like mag) of runs on rings (The chaos emerald) this just dosn't help you in winning a race.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Unlockables

  • Wii, PS2 | Submitted by Toph, the Cream The Rabbit Racer.

    Unlockable: Super Sonic

    Mission Mode

    To unlock super sonic you need to finish ALL missions, on EXTREME rank (gold).

    You get "chaos emerald" as extreme gear [gear 46] (only useable with sonic). When you start a race you will keep walking until you have collected at least 1 ring. Super Sonic's speed is like any other racer (around 150)

    Ring Capacity UP (up to 125 rings)
    Ring Capacity UP (up to 150 rings)
    Magnetic Barrier (unlimited ring magnet)

    - can use POWER passages
    - when you reach an amount of rings (I don't know exactly which count, it'll be like 50-60) you get a blue-shield-like thing in front of sonic, and he'll go a bit faster (180) you can knock players down in this mode but you can't take the bouncer passages.

  • Wii, PS2 | Submitted by Sonic Gammer Fan

    More Unlockable Characters

    Beat ALL the missions

    Billy Hatcher
    Beat ALL the missions

    Beat ALL the missions

  • Wii | Submitted by eli1023, Speed-Monkey_37

    Unlockable Characters

    Shadow - beat hero story mode
    Cream - beat hero story mode
    Rudge - beat hero story mode
    Sliver - beat Babylon story mode
    Blaze - beat Babylon story mode
    Dr. Eggman - beat Babylon story mode
    SCR-HD - get all golds on all missions

  • Wii | Submitted by TomatoXD

    Unlock Devil/Angel Board

    Devil/Angel Board - Beat the game on Babylons story

  • PS2 | Submitted by Stuffythestufferrabbi

    Unlockable Stuff

    World Grand Prix Mode - Beat Team Sonic's Story
    MAG Gear - Clear all missions in story mode.
    80s Boulevard - Beat Babylon Story
    90s Boulevard - Beat Babylon Story
    Chaos Emerald Gear - Get Extreme Rank on all missions in story mode.

  • PS2 | Submitted by eli1023, and others

    Unlockable Characters

    Amigo - Clear all missions in story mode.
    Billy Hatcher - Clear all missions in story mode.
    Blaze - Beat Babylon Story
    Cream the Rabbit - Beat Team Sonic's Story
    Eggman - Beat Babylon Story
    NiGHTS - Clear all missions in story mode.
    Rouge the Bat - Beat Team Sonic's Story
    SCR-GP - Beat Babylon Story
    SCR-HD - Beat SCR-HD during a Free Race.
    Shadow the Hedgehog - Beat Team Sonic's Story
    Silver - Beat Babylon Story

  • Wii, PS2 | Submitted by soccer04dan

    Magic Broom Gear

    Beat Hero Mode to unlock the Magic Broom board.