Sonic 2 post-credits scenes: How many are there and how do they set up Sonic 3?

Sonic 2
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Let's talk about the Sonic 2 post-credits scenes. There are those who want to know how many there are and, for that, we've got a spoiler-free explanation for you waiting below. We’ll even let you know when you’re free to leave the cinema.

If you have already seen the after-credits stinger and are wondering how the Sonic 2 post-credits scenes sets up Sonic 3 – we've got a deeper explanation on what went down and what it all means. A more spoiler-heavy breakdown of everything that went down is just a quick scroll away: the whos, whats, and the whys of the all-important Sonic 2 post-credits scene.

How many Sonic 2 post-credits scenes are there?

Robotnik (Jim Carrey) in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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There is one post-credits scene in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It comes right after the snazzy credits sequence, which recreates the events of the movie in 16-bit fashion.

The post-credits scene in question lasts about a minute. After that, the rest of the staff credits roll. You’re then free to head out if you wish – you don’t need to wait until lights up.

Sonic 2 post-credits scene, explained (spoilers)

Sonic 2

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Following Robotnik’s defeat, GUN are out surveying the wreckage and looking for the mad scientist’s body. They have a couple of things to contend with before that, however. The first, unbeknownst to them, is Agent Stone disguised as a GUN agent and on the search for his one-time boss.

The second is far more pertinent. It involves a mysterious ‘Project Shadow’, an experiment referenced in a lost decades-old file. It points to a top-secret research lab and a secret weapon: the black hedgehog we see in the very last shot.

Who is that black hedgehog? It’s none other than Shadow the Hedgehog, the ‘Ultimate Life Form’ first introduced in 2001 video game Sonic Adventure 2. His origin story is a confusing one, even for Sonic lore, but can be boiled down to a few key details.

He was created by Doctor Robotnik’s grandfather, Gerald, as a means to try and save his sickly granddaughter. Things didn’t quite pan out that way, with the space station holding both Shadow and his granddaughter being destroyed. Shadow is then locked away in stasis for 50 years before he is reawakened – in much the same way GUN are set to do so following the Sonic 2 post-credits scene.

Sonic 2

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What does this all mean? First things first: Shadow vs. Sonic is on the cards. Shadow is a being of supreme power – you don’t get called the Ultimate Life Form for no reason – who is able to use the Chaos Emeralds to activate his ‘Chaos Control’ powers. The two hedgehogs will also likely be on a collision course if the movies decide to closely follow Sonic Adventure 2’s story beat-by-beat. And there’s nothing to suggest otherwise at this early stage.

There, Shadow re-awakens with amnesia and a garbled promise of Gerald Robotnik’s granddaughter lodged in his memory. After remembering her death, Shadow lashes out at the forces of Earth – including GUN and Sonic. He also wants to activate the world-destroying Eclipse Cannon, another weapon from Gerald Robotnik, by using the Chaos Emeralds. He joins forces with Robotnik, who wants to continue his grandfather’s legacy, later holding the Earth to ransom with the Eclipse Cannon. But that’s a story for another day.

It’s a brief scene, but it sets up so much for Sonic 3: an adaptation of one of its most beloved games, a new villain, several fresh plots, and a reason for Sonic and company’s new Master Emerald power bump pact to be put into action pretty swiftly.

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