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Something In The Air review

The occasionally frustrating story of teen radicals in '70s Paris

Olivier Assayas’ moony, meandering coming-of-age tale does such a good job of de-glamorising the chain-smoking, Marx-spouting teenage radicals of ’70s Paris, that your palms itch to smack them.

After an adrenalised Molotov-cocktail assault on school security guards results in tragedy, art student Gilles (Clément Métayer) and his cohort (Lola Créton) take flight, for a predictably self-indulgent welter of love affairs, political posturing and druggie hedonism.

Assayas, surefooted in the muscular and epic Carlos , seems uncertain here whether he’s condemning or celebrating his characters’ narcissism.

A pitch-perfect period setting can’t compensate for the presence of the lithe but terminally listless leads.

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