Someone beat Hades with a pomegranate controller and didn't even get an achievement

A YouTube streamer has managed to beat Hades using a pomegranate that's been cut up into pieces and rigged into the messiest controller ever.

You can check out YouTuber Rudeism's first attempt above, which details the process of actually setting up the controller. Turns out that while the juicy, explosive power of a freshly cracked pomegranate is perfect for staging a grisly murder scene,  it isn't ideal for connecting control inputs with electrical wire.

"If we connect two pieces of pom, even if they're separated on the board, the fact that there's juice between them can mean that they'll basically cross-conduct," Rudeism explains.

With a temporarily clean white table cloth to keep the pom juice from short-circuiting the operation, the streamer arranges 10 neatly sliced pomegranate chunks into his controller, with four "buttons" on either side for the directional pad and ABYX buttons. On the bottom is one pom piece for the Ultimate attack and another for the Interact button. "What about aiming?" Rudeism asks himself. "Uhh... you don't need to aim. That's fine."

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Narrator: it wasn't fine... at first. As you can see, it took a few trial runs to cross the finish line; technical issues continued right up until a few seconds before Rudeism beats Hades and erupts into a well-earned fit of bleary eyed celebration, laughing his way out of hell with the broken, bleeding carcass of his heart-healthy gamepad before him.

If that sounds like victory to you, here's the kit (opens in new tab) Rudeism used to make his pomegranate controller. In case you didn't catch the reference, the Pom of Power is an item in Hades, but technically you can play Hades with any old fruit - just mind the juice.

If you are going to play Hades using a fruit controller, please do read these Hades tips and tricks first.

Jordan Gerblick

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