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Snap up either of these 4TB Western Digital external hard drives for less than $100

Snap up either of these 4TB Western Digital external hard drives for less than $100
(Image credit: Western Digital)

Whether you're editing video on a PC or cringing at install sizes for PS4 or Xbox One, you're probably going to want some outside help when it comes to storage space. Fortunately, you can get two lovely WD external hard drives on the cheap: Walmart has a 4TB WD My Passport for $98 ($22 off), and Amazon has a dedicated 4TB WD gaming drive for PS4 for $92 ($38 off). We think very highly of the WD hard drives for console users and variants of these sit atop our list of best PS4 external hard drives and best Xbox One external hard drives guides. Their prices were slashed no doubt due to the Amazon Prime Day game deals occurring right now and which other retailers  - like Walmart - are competing with, particularly on gaming gear.

4TB WD external gaming drive for PS4 | $92 (save $38) at Amazon
A great external hard drive built with PS4 in mind. This drive makes PS4 set-up much easier, and its 29% discount is a rarity.  View Deal

4TB WD My Passport external hard drive | $98 (save $22) at Walmart  
A rock-solid external hard drive suitable for virtually any application, gaming or otherwise. Small, quiet, fast, and cheap - everything you need from an external drive.  View Deal

Either of these drives will work well on PS4, but WD's official PS4 gaming drive will save you some trouble reformatting. On average, running games off an external drive like this will reduce load times by 10 - 20 seconds depending on the game, so it's a worthy investment, especially for big open-world behemoths. 

The WD 4TB My Passport, meanwhile, is an excellent all-purpose storage solution. You can format it to suit your console - and I've found that the Xbox One formatting tool is easier to use than the PS4's - or load it up out-of-the-box on PC. I've been using the same My Passport for years, and I've never had an ounce of trouble out of it. They're light, cool, quiet, and respectably fast, especially for their RPM. 

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