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Snap up a quality XPS deal at Dell right now and save hundreds of dollars

Snap up a quality XPS deal at Dell right now and save hundreds of dollars
(Image credit: Dell)

XPS deals are always welcome. And this one from Dell right now has some pretty banging discounts in it. Their current sale spans both portable powerhouses and brute strength PCs, so you'd be incredibly wise to check it out right now. Because they can hold their value incredibly well, some of these multi-hundred-dollar discounts mean the new price tag is genuine value.

The highlights of the XPS discounts cover a range of models: the brand new XPS 15 Touch laptop, which has a $200 saving that brings its price down to $2,499.99 right now; another XPS 15 with the stunning 4K OLED screen has $170 off and can be yours for $1,779.99; a very tempting 2-in-1 XPS 13 laptop that has a big $300 discount, bringing its price down to $1,699.99; and two often overlooked models from the XPS PC range. The first is a great machine with 25% off its sizeable list price, bringing its price down to $1,499.99. The second, if you fancied something with even more beef in the graphics department, is going for the same price of $1,499.99 - you can get the same PC with an RTX 2070 Super graphics card inside it.

The XPS models in both laptop and PC form are terrific for those looking to get one machine that can handle pretty much anything, bridging the gap between home, work, and play quite nicely. The XPS laptops, particularly, are perennially popular and for good reason - they are premium machines that balance quality design, performance, style, and often some of the nicest displays going, all in one package.

Dell XPS 15 Touch laptop | $2,700 $2,499.99 at Dell
A solid $200 off this exquisite XPS 15 makes this deal undeniably good. Plus, it's off the excellent Touch model. Featuring one of Intel's new 9th-generation processors, it will have the ability to crunch through a whole host of work and home tasks.View Deal

Dell XPS 15 laptop | $1,950 $1,779.99 at Dell
This is indeed a meaty looking price tag, but then you're getting nearly 10% off the list price with the $170 saving. You're also getting the gorgeous 15.6-inch sized screen that features a 4K resolution and OLED tech and it even has a gaming-grade graphics card.

View Deal

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop | $2,000 $1,699.99 at Dell
Also sporting that incredible 4K display is this excellently functional and multi-purpose XPS 13 flip laptop - a great machine that has an Intel 10th-gen processor. You can also save $170 on a similar model that has a slightly smaller hard drive and an HD screen - that's $1,499.99 right now.View Deal

Dell XPS Desktop Special Edition | $1,999.99 $1,499.99 at Dell
This massive saving of 25% gets you $500 off an incredibly good PC that'll handle anything. It's one of the best deals generally at Dell right now. Work, home use, or demanding games... it'll chew it all up.View Deal

Dell XPS Desktop Special Edition | $2,049.99 $1,499.99 at Dell
Running very close to the above PC deal is this bargain. This time you'll get a slightly different storage arrangement, but you will have an upgrade in the graphics card. Nice.View Deal

While these are truly perfect for working from home and as competent home machines in their own right, we at GamesRadar+ always recommend looking for something gaming-focused to team such machines with. Gaming gear generally has more features and bang for buck, so if you are after more, take a peek at the best gaming mouse, the best gaming keyboard,  and the best gaming headset

For a PC or laptop that's purely gaming-focused, check out our guides to the best gaming PC and best gaming laptops.

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