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Snag some PS4 and Xbox One games for excellent prices at Amazon right now

Snag some PS4 and Xbox One games for excellent prices at Amazon right now
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If you've been waiting for prices to come down on some of the biggest and best games of the last couple of years or so, this might be a great time to strike. There's a bunch of discounted games over at Amazon for both PS4 and Xbox One covering all the genres, so there's definitely going to be something for someone, no matter what you play. However, we've picked out a few highlights as some are harder to ignore than others. 

Let me elaborate. Some are at their lowest price ever like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is now going for just $20 on PS4 and the same price for Xbox One. Some are particularly timely too: given the recent announcement of The Two Colonels DLC, what better time is there to snap up an Aurora Edition of Metro Exodus for only $45 - this has an expansion pass 'built in' so you don't have to buy that as well. And some of offer enormous bang for buck, like The Division 2 Gold Steelbook Edition going for its lowest ever price on Xbox One ($67) and its almost-lowest-ever price for PS4 ($69). Nice. That's a whole lot of game for your money there, including the all the DLC we are in the process of receiving.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider for PS4 | $20 at Amazon
This is the game's lowest ever price, and given it's all been refined and added to since it's release, there's never been a better time to embrace the third in this Lara Croft trilogy. And it's at the same delectable price on Xbox One too.View Deal

Metro Exodus Aurora Edition on Xbox One | $45 at Amazon
A very timely offering given the recent announcement of the first DLC, The Two Colonels. The Aurora Edition comes with the expansion pass, making this the best place to jump in. You can get the PS4 copy is here.View Deal

The Division 2 Gold Steelbook Edition on Xbox One| $67 at Amazon
This is such a lot of game for your money, plus you get a little bit more 'specialness' by bagging the limited edition steelbook. (The PS4 version is so close to its lowest ever too, at $69.)View Deal

Days Gone on PS4 | $38 at Amazon
For PS4 players, Bend Studio's open world Zombie game is a tiny fraction off its lowest ever price. A great game that'll offer hours of fun from the makers of Syphon Filter.View Deal

Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 | $25 at Amazon
Another PS4 exclusive, Spider-Man may be in trouble in terms of the big screen but on PS4 the game is available at its nearly-lowest-ever price.View Deal

Resident Evil 2 on Xbox One | $38 at Amazon
If you're up for a trip down nostalgia road - and enjoy a good old scare - then this year's reboot of the classic Resi game is less than a dollar from its lowest ever price right now. The same goes for a PS4 copy too.View Deal

There's plenty more that you can browse via Amazon's video game hub page but the above are some particular highlights. And don't forget, to get the best out of these games you'll need to pounce one of the best PS4 Pro deals or Xbox One X deals and upgrade to one of the best gaming TVs to get the full, glorious 4K and HDR experience these games can offer.

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