Skyrim remaster, Wolfenstein 2, and Prey 2 rumored for Bethesda's E3 conference

A Skyrim remaster isn't the only Bethesda rumor swirling around the pipes of the Internet today. Eurogamer reports that Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2, and a re-announcement of Prey 2 (which may or may not end up being called "Prey 2") are also likely to be revealed at Bethesda's press conference on June 12.

The game with the least amount of evidence to its existence is The Evil Within 2. While Eurogamer reports that it has "heard" about it, they also say that there hasn't been "anything notable" about it. It seems to be more of an assumption than rumor, given that The Evil Within was released two years ago, and developer Tango Gameworks is likely ready to show off whatever it is the studio's working on.

Wolfenstein 2 was hinted at when voice actress Alicja Bachleda-Curuś told Polish TV station TVN, "I'm working on a video game, first part of which I have already made. Now we're making a second one, which will take two more years," and "I played this game as a child. I was very happy when I got to the point where I could shoot Hitler." A New Order sequel would match well with Bachleda-Curuś' timeline, and considering how well the both The New Order and The Old Blood were received, a sequel seems likely.

Prey 2 is perhaps the most intriguing rumor here. The game debuted at E3 2011 to much fanfare, with Human Head Studios developing. Bethesda vice president Pete Hines told CNET in 2014 that the game was cancelled, but was also very specific with his words. "Human Head Studios is no longer working on [it]. It's a franchise we still believe we can do something with - we just need to see what that something is," he said.

So Human Head is no longer working on it - but could another studio? Prior to Hines' comments to CNET, Kotaku reported that Dishonored developer Arkane would take up the mantle of Prey 2. Eurogamer now reports it's hearing the same, so either it's true and we're going to see Prey 2 reborn, or this is just one awfully persistent rumor, powered by little more than the hopes of those who fell in love with the Blade Runner-with-aliens premise we saw in its debut trailer (see above).

Bethesda's E3 2016 conference goes live at 7 pm PDT on Sunday, June 12 / 3 am BST on Monday, June 13.

Sam Prell

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