Sims who have the clumsy trait are more likely to fall off of the top bunk in Sims 4

Sims bunk beds
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Now that The Sims 4 players finally have their long-awaited bunk beds, it’s become clear that not every type of Sim does well on the new piece of furniture. 

Introduced in the recent Sims 4 Bunk Bed update, which also brought trait improvements, and improved console textures, the new furniture items are a welcome addition to the game . What fans didn’t expect, however, is for Sims who have the clumsy trait to have a hard time navigating the new items.

As pointed out in the Sims 4 subreddit, clumsy Sims are more likely to have trouble descending from the top of the bunkbed and faceplant off the top of it. This is pretty accurate honestly, as the same trait causes Sims to be more likely to be electrocuted whilst repairing electronics, but are also more likely to laugh it off when they do make a fool of themselves.

Sims can fall off a bunk bed if they have the clumsy trait in The Sims 4 from r/GamingDetails

This discovery led fans of the game to reminisce in the comments of the post about times that they’ve fallen off of bunk beds in real life and sympathise with Sims who will now have no choice but to endure this new trait-based action several times a day. 

The Sims fans have had a lot of new content thrown their way lately with the Sims 4 kits launch, which are small DLC add-ons each with their own themes. This did lead to some controversy within the Sims community though as some fans weren’t happy with the added cost of these new features.

Take a look at the changes the latest update brought in the Sims 4 patch notes 

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