The Sims 4 patch notes: Scenarios makes its debut alongside minor fixes

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The Sims 4 latest patch notes feature new Scenarios challenges, Delivery Express, and a few other bug fixes. 

As detailed in a blog post by EA, and announced during a recent Inside Maxis live stream, The Sims 4 has received a new set of challenges known as Scenarios. The latest update features two new Scenarios: Making Money and Finding Love after a Break-Up. 

In Making Money, players are tasked with making 1 million Simoleons, starting from nothing, in whatever way they want to. In Finding Love After a Break-Up, players need to find love for their Sim - who has recently broken up with their significant other - they can do this by either patching things up with their ex or finding new love with someone else, the choice is up to the player. 

Starting today, and running until November 6, there is also a limited-time Scenario called Too Many Toddlers which sees players looking after a minimum of three Toddler Sims and dealing with all the chaos that this creates. Maxis has also said it plans to roll out more Scenarios as time goes on. 

Elsewhere in The Sims 4’s latest update, EA and Maxis have announced the Sims Delivery Express, a more streamlined system to deliver content to the Sims 4 base game without needing a full game update. This is yet to be implemented into the game just yet however has been revealed to be in the works. 

The rest of the update contains fixes and improvements to a number of elements within The Sims 4 base game as well as its packs. This includes adding an environment score and a more appropriate price for plants in Build Mode to match the fictional rareness or worth of specific plants. 

The developer has also made changes to toddler walk animations, allowed Sims to take their shoes off when doing yoga, adjusted the Mega Stacked Stone wall texture so that it displays proper text, and a few other minor fixes. 

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