The Sims 4 Kits are tiny DLC packs that cost less than a latte

The Sims 4 Kits are a brand-new type of bite-sized DLC that EA surprise-launched earlier today, and they're full of some seriously cool stuff.

The Sims 4 Kits that are available so far are the Country Kitchen Kit, the Bite the Dust Kit, and the Throwback Fit Kit. Each Kit costs $4.99 or $4.49 with EA Play, and you can buy them on Steam, Origin, the PlayStation store, and the Xbox store. These bite-sized DLC packs are bringing a ton of content, however, including - wait for it - dust bunnies.

Dust bunnies, which come with the Bite the Dust Kit, will spawn as your dust piles up, and they can be befriended and even pet (gah). Of course, there's also Filth Fiends, who can be mean and can even spontaneously combust, so beware - or just vacuum, for god's sake. The Kit comes with a handful of vacuum options, from the handheld vacuum my mother called the Dust Buster when I was a child to some seriously high-tech standing vacuums that would probably cost you several hundred dollars in real life. There's even cross-pack interaction: your pets will fear the dreaded vacuum, which is just like when all three of my cats go sprinting under the bed whenever I turn one on. The Bite the Dust Kit comes with two new aspirations as well: Perfectly Pristine and Filthy and Fabulous. 

Then there's the Country Kitchen Kit which will bring a whole set of retro kitchen options to up your build game. From vintage counters to an adorable refrigerator that looks right off the Wandavision set, the Country Kitchen Kit is the Kit for those of us who have felt the kitchen options to be a bit lacking in The Sims 4. The final Kit is the Throwback Fit Kit, which has some seriously fashionable '90s fitness pieces in it. The Sims 4 can often have some questionable clothing options, but much of this stuff looks pulled from the fashion blogs. Bright colors, modular shapes, bucket hats - it's all there for you to rock. 

Some members of the Sims community aren't all that pleased about Kits, as they argue that adding another tier of content is EA monetizing more features rather than adding things to the base game, and it furthers the gap between Simmers who can afford to buy all of the packs and those who can't. Without using The Sims 4 cheats,
a lot of these objects and aspirations are unavailable unless you put up more cash for them. Despite this, Kits are definitely an interesting way to add new content without making you throw down the price for a Pack. 

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Alyssa Mercante

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