Simpsons Movie trailer

With Captain Jack set to keep the ankle biters engaged and Spidey swinging into action to please the fanboys, it’s easy to forget that the longest running and most successful sitcom has booked its big screen arrival for 2007.

The Simpsons Movie teaser that premiered at Comic-Con earlier this year gave everyone a rib-tickle and now the first full trailer has arrived… and it’s a corker.

Springfield honcho Matt Groening has admitted that he is going to circulate some fake plots on the ‘net, just to make things interesting. Rumours are that the tale will revolve around Homer polluting the whole of Springfield, causing the town to be evacuated. But frankly, we aren’t even going to take a stab at what Groening and his genius team have got in store for TV’s best-loved family.

Just do yourself a favour – grab a donut, crack open a can of Duff and click here to witness a truly inspired trailer…

Source: ( Apple )