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    Submitted by Tim Wuyts

Sim City 3000 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by ananymus

    cheat codes

    To enter these codes type ctrl-alt-shift-c all at once during the game, then type in one of the following codes:
    i am weak - Construction Costs set to $0
    i love red tape - All ordinances become available regardless of year or prerequisities.
    give 10000- Credits?
    stop forcing advice
    force Mortimer to say
    force Moe to say
    force Constance to say
    force Maria to say
    force Randall to say
    force Gus to say
    force Karen to say
    force petitioners to say
    garbage in, garbage out - All garbage buildings available
    power to the masses - all power plants
    water in the desert - all water plants
    pay tribute to your king - All extra gifts
    zyxwvu - Sim Castle Construction if Vinnie's Offer Declined
    call cousin Vinnie - $250,000 Donation from Vinnie
    let's make a deal
    Load terrain
    Nerdz Rool - Just type it in after zoning industrial and there will be cleaner industries (eg. Utility Muffin Research)
    Salt on - changes the sea to salt water
    Salt off - changes the sea to fresh water
    Terrain one up - raises the terrain
    Terrain one down - lowers the terrain
    Terrain ten up - raises the terrain
    Terrain ten down - lowers the terrain
    the birds - Flock of birds fly over city
    Traffic Lights - Reduced Traffic
    broccoli - "Sorry money doesn't grow on Broccoli" message
    porntipsguzzardo - "Aha we have a real pro here Try BROCCOLI" message
    let's make a deal - neighboring cities try to deal
    The birds - Flock of seagulls fly over
    UFO swarm - If you pick ufo disaster a huge amount of UFO's descend
    Various Message Triggers
    To enter these codes type ctrl-alt-shift-c all at once during the game, then type in one of the following codes:
    easter egg
    will wright
    electronic arts
    money - build anything anywhere anytime
    simon says
    Mayor's Scandal
    When You Bring Up The Cheat Screen, Type in any word, then type "ADVISOR". This Is Important. When you type this in, it will say "Mayor under prosecution for embezzlement."Or It might be a little different.

  • PC | Submitted by marty sloane

    Construction Shortcuts

    Press one of the following keys to build something without using the tool bar to the right and bottom [DO NOT PRESS CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C to do these codes!!]
    press to build(or zone)
    Q Light Residental
    W Medium Residental
    E Dense Residental
    R Road
    T Rail Road
    Y Landfill
    U Trees
    P Police Station
    A Light Commercal
    S Medium Commercal
    D Dence Commercal
    F Fire Station
    G Change dirt to grass
    H Hospital
    J Small Park
    K School
    L Power Line
    Z Light Industy
    X Medium Industy
    C Dense Industy
    V De-Zone
    B Demolish
    1 Zoom out all the way
    2 Zoom out 2nd from all the way
    3 Zoom in half way
    4 Zoom in 2nd from all the way
    5 Zoom in all the way
    F2 Saves the game

  • PC | Submitted by ananymus

    Terrain Editor

    If you want to make a terrain all you have to do is go to some paint program on your com. Change pixels to 257 X 257. Change from color mode to grayscale. You cannot have any color!! (Only if you are doing a large city.) Now using white as highest terrain in the city and black as lowest, make an overview picture of a terrain. (The lighter the gray the higher the terrain will be when you load it.) When you are done, save it. Remember the path. For example: C:/ProgramFiles/Maxis/Cities.
    Go into Simcity and start a new city. When you are selecting the amount of Mountains, water, and trees, press SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+C all at the same time. When the textbox appears type the path. (Like the example above.)

  • PC | Submitted by jake

    Get out of debt easily

    This isn't really a code just a really helpful hint. This helps you get out of debt. As long as you got at least 50,000 people this works really well. what you do is you set the all taxes to 22% and then, put all the fundings (transit, roads, fire, etc.) to zero. then wait one year. you should gain a whole bunch of money. then put everything back to the way it was. this should help a bunch.

  • PC | Submitted by ivan

    All buildings (zone, power, water, R&O, etc.)

    1)Open the "Power Structures" window; close it by clicking the "X"
    2)Repeat with the "Rewards and Opportunities" window
    3)Repeat with the "Garbage Processing" window
    4)Open the "Landmarks" window
    You will have a huge list of not only the landmarks, but all of the R&O, garbage, power, water, zone, and lots of more structures.

  • PC | Submitted by abbas

    Underground Electric Wires

    This cheat code benefits only with the code "i am weak." they are two ways to accomplish this task.
    1.First zone the tiles with the cheapest zones available. Then plant all of it with electric wires. Now dezone it. Bingo, here you are, under ground electric wires.
    2. plant electric wire's on specific tiles. then zone it. Dezone if necessary.
    NOTE: It is important that the wires planted should be powered with electricity.