Silent Hill 2 Remake, Townfall, and Ascension teasers are coming "soon", according to this new leak

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It's been some time since gaming's worst-kept secret, the Silent Hill 2 Remake, was announced along with Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill f, and Silent Hill Ascension, but if you've been desperate for an update, rumor has it we'll get new trailers for at least some of the projects "really soon".

According to leaker Dusk Golem – who has successfully leaked information about the horror series' revival ahead of the formal announcement last year – new trailers have been prepared for Silent Hill: Townfall, Ascension, and yes, Silent Hill 2 Remake… the only thing we don't yet know is when, exactly, they'll be showcased.

Update: DuskGolem thinks we will probably have three trailers soon from r/silenthill

"I don't know the exact date for everything," they stated on The Snitch's Discord channel, screenshots from which were posted to the Silent Hill subreddit, includes reports that Golem had seen the trailers firsthand. 

"But I'll just say there's a new SH2R, Town[fall] & Ascension trailer ready to be revealed at last."

While Golem couldn't be sure about when we'll see them, they suggested we'd get them "really soon, before June" and before Summer Gaming Fest, which is taking place over June 8-10.

They also reportedly confirmed that the Remake has "great art direction", Ascension looks "graphically great", and Townfall "looks very interesting".

There's still no word on the mysterious A Short Message, though, which was seemingly complete enough to have been rated in Korea and Taiwan.

Asked if they knew if the project had been spiked completely, Golem would only say: "Nah, I don't know its dead yet."

As for the other Silent Hill game also in development but missing from the update above? Well, not much else is known about the fate of Silent Hill f either, but the director of the next mainline Silent Hill game wants to know what you think that mysterious "f" stands for.

The responses? As you may well expect, the answers range from the brilliant to the brain-boggling and include guesses such as forte, five, flower, festival, forbidden, fear, faith, frame, fragment, fungus, feudal, and fierce. Other less serious responses include Florida, Fortnite, fajita, and "finally-a-good-one".

Silent Hill 2 Remake developer Bloober Team has Silent Hill 2 Remake developer Bloober Team has hinted that Konami is "interested" in working with Bloober again on other games in the fan-favorite survival horror series.

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