Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated again, this time in Taiwan

Concept art from the game shows a dilapidated room soaked in red lighting
(Image credit: Konami)

Buckle up, Silent Hill fans: the unannounced Silent Hill: The Short Message has just been rated by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee.

Silent Hill: The Short Message was first rated in Korea by the country's national ratings board back in September, and had everyone speculating that the game - or demo, perhaps - would pop up sometime during Konami's Silent Hill showcase in October.

However, the Silent Hill: Transmission livestream came and went, and whilst it featured four game reveals and other fun things for fans of the survival horror game to look forward to, Silent Hill: The Short Message was quietly missing from the presentation.

And now it's popped up online again. As spotted by Gematsu, not only has the mysterious title been submitted for certification in Taiwan - it seems to have secured a 15 rating - but amazingly, we now have a description of the game and official artwork to match, too.

Concept art from the game shows a dilapidated room soaked in red lighting

(Image credit: Konami)

"Anita came to an abandoned apartment in order to meet her friend Maya, and somehow woke up to find herself trapped in it," the game's description says, as translated by Google Translate. 

"She must escape her own fears and the monsters lurking in the corridors, discover the truth behind the events she’s trapped in, and try to escape before her own trauma consumes her will to survive."

The unannounced game looks to be coming to PS5 and has been developed and published by Konami. 

Silent Hill fans have stumbled on secret messages hidden within the audio that accompanies a teaser trailer for the upcoming Silent Hill game, Silent Hill: Townfall, a new game developed by Stories Untold developer No Code and published by Annapurna Interactive.

As we reported at the time of its announcement, the reveal trailer focuses on a transmission received on a small, portable television, with someone warning that punishment and judgment are on the way. There are numerous quick clips of unsettling images and some footage that suggests a seaside setting.

Just hours later, however, someone popped up on the game's subreddit to say they'd extracted the Townfall trailer audio and converted it to an MP3, adding: "there's text in the spectrogram".

Turns out that the teaser was hiding the thoroughly unsettling statement, "Whatever heart this town had has now stopped".

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