A new Silent Hill game has been rated in Korea

Silent Hill: Downpour - Anne's Story #1
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A new Silent Hill title has been rated in Korea.

As first reported by Gematsu earlier today, Silent Hill: The Short Message has just been rated in Korea by the country's national ratings board. The game's publisher might be listed as "Uniana," but as Gematsu points out, this company regularly published Konami-developed games in Korea, including eFootball.

The new rating for Silent Hill: The Short Message doesn't give away anything about the new project itself. There aren't any plot, gameplay, or even other content warnings with the new rating, such as any use of violence, gore, or swearing. It's not hard to imagine a Silent Hill game having any of the aforementioned content warnings.

'The Short Message' immediately conjures thoughts of a teaser, which is undoubtedly the hot topic of speculation doing the rounds on social media and forum sites right now. Some users are convinced The Short Message could be a prelude to bigger things for the Silent Hill franchise, possibly used to announce or tease further projects.

It's not hard to draw parallels between P.T., and what The Short Message could well end up being. The Hideo Kojima-led teaser was used to formally announce Silent Hills to the world, and although the new horror game would unfortunately meet its untimely demise soon after the teaser first launched, we can only hope for better things for Silent Hill now, several years on.

A report earlier this year in May claimed "multiple" Silent Hill projects were in the works, including a full remake of Silent Hill 2, and an entirely new game. Just a few days later, images from what reportedly was the latter project leaked online, and were seemingly verified by an actor as a Silent Hill game. Whatever the future of Silent Hill, there surely can't be long to wait until we found out what's in store.

Silent Hills is being remade in Dreams, if you were wondering how much of an impact the unmade game had on fans. 

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