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Here at SFX, we've been beavering away to make the SFX online experience as compelling for you as reading the magazine is! We've got plenty of plans for the future, and first on the list is the relaunch of our regular newsletter - and we're planning to make it better than ever! How, you ask? Well...

Weekly updates instead of monthly. Rather than send you one massive newsletter once a month, we'll be sending out more concise newsletters out once a week, so you spend less time skim-reading the stuff you're not interested in and more time reading about the stuff you are interested in in detail!

More news, less spam. Our old newsletter just listed the contents of the new issue each month - not much use to you if you've already bought the issue, right? The new newsletter, as well as listing highlights from the mag, will also provide direct links to the news stories we think you need to read, remind you about any special events that we're running (the SFX Awards, for example, or special competitions), and maybe even provide you with some exclusive content whenever we can get it!

Exclusive competitions! Our brand new competitions engine enables us to bring you this brilliant extra incentive - we'll soon be running competitions that will only be advertised through the newsletter, so if you want to enter them, you're going to have to sign up! As an example of the sorts of prizes we may be offering, everyone who signs up between now and 4.30pm tomorrow (Friday) will be given the chance to win a fabulous Millennium Falcon model as pictured above - the must have gift this Christmas - and get the chance to meet Darth Vader himself! Dave Prowse, the man behind Lord Vader’s mask - will be at Hamleys, London on October 29, accompanied by the ever loyal Imperial Stormtroopers, to meet the winner and sign some Star Wars goodies. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all Star Wars fans, and to find out how to win, all you need to do is sign up!

So, if all of that catches your eye, then go to the link in the top-left corner of the screen, or just click here !

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