Shock, horror - Black Panther has two post-credit scenes... but only one sets up the MCU beyond Avengers 4

What I’m about to say might shock you: Black Panther has some post-credits scenes. Didn’t see that coming, right? The movie even follows the formula laid down by more recent MCU efforts by bringing us a couple of the after-movie stingers. Except, judging by those who have seen it, these may not be your ordinary post-credits scenes…

As confirmed by attendees at the movie’s premiere, Black Panther indeed comes with two post-credits scenes. That’s not the interesting bit, though. Despite probable NDAs and embargoes plugging up any and all leaks, there has been some juicy tidbits to pore over. See for yourself…

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A huge game-changer, eh? If it’s something beyond Avengers 4 then – though this is unlikely – we could see a Fox character or two make an appearance. It might even introduce a new Marvel character to its already swollen ranks. Wolverine? Deadpool? Maybe think smaller: There have been rumours about Namor popping up at some point for years, you know…

As for that common sense one… my best guess? The Soul Stone. It’s still the missing piece in the puzzle as we hurtle towards Avengers: Infinity War. What better way to lead into Marvel’s biggest movie than with a quick Thanos appearance and a definite confirmation of the hiding place of the final Infinity Stone?

Or it could be something completely different. WeGotThisCovered mention a now taken down (make of that what you will) Reddit post detailing T’Challa and Tony Stark having a quick chat about “interstellar threats” as Thanos’ ship comes into view. Take that with a gauntlet-sized pinch of salt, even if it sounds like the scenes will be worth sticking ‘round for.

Wishing Black Panther was here already? These first reactions from those lucky enough to have seen the movie already might be the cure for what ails you. Plus, let the new Black Panther trailer convince you it’s the coolest MCU movie yet. Yes, it’s that good.

Image: Marvel

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