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Shia LaBeouf off to The Wettest County?

John Hillcoat's period prohibition drama The Wettest County In The World is attracting some major talent - including Shia LaBeouf - despite being shoved into turnaround.

Wettest Country - the tale of alcohol bootleggers in America's south during the Depression - was kicked off Sony's schedule as a victim of studio budget cuts.

But now it's being re-worked as a budget conscious indie movie and has a shedload of A-list actors pondering parts in it.

Such as? Try LaBeouf, Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Dano and Michael Shannon.

They've all expressed interest in the film, which is adapted from Matt Bondurant's novel based on his grandfather and great-uncles, who made up a tough criminal gang who ran their local moonshine ring.

It's true that none of them are actually signed up yet - but with the film offering up solid roles for several thesps, it's likely that Hillcoat will get the budget he needs soon enough.

[Source: Risky Business Blog ]

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