She-Hulk viewers are losing it over Jen's America's Ass phone background

Tatiana Maslany in She-Hulk
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She-Hulk episode 2 has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to Jennifer Walters' ongoing fixation with Captain America – and everyone is loving it. At one point, Jen gets a text from her mom reminding her about a family dinner, and if you look closely, you'll spot the lawyer's phone wallpaper is zoomed in on Cap's behind… AKA America's Ass.  

"REALLY CANNOT WITH JENS WALLPAPER," says one amused fan on Twitter. "JEN'S PHONE WALLPAPER I AM SCREAMING," says another person, while someone else is just as overwhelmed: "IM CRYING JEN'S WALLPAPER IS STEVE'S ASS" 

"That wallpaper is taking me out props to the writers for that," laughs another fan, and someone else comments: "Bye I cannot take her seriously with the wallpaper"

She-Hulk episode 2 Captain America phone background

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"Jen having Steve's ass as her lock screen wallpaper is everything to me" says this person. Another fan agrees: "Jen having Captain America's ass as her wallpaper, this show is just amazing" 

She-Hulk episode 1 saw Jennifer trying to get to the bottom of an MCU mystery: was Steve Rogers a virgin? The post-credits scene revealed that the answer is no, to Jen's obvious glee.

"It's something that comes back, that's all I'll say," She-Hulk director Kat Coiro told Total Film about Jennifer's obsession with Steve's potential sexual escapades. "One thing I love about Marvel is that everyone involved really listens to the fans, and takes in their wishes and desires. I think it's what makes the MCU so strong."

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