Apple TV Plus's all-star thriller Sharper is winning over viewers with its twists and turns

Sebastian Stan as Max in Sharper
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Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan's twisty new thriller Sharper seems to be winning over Apple TV Plus subscribers, despite receiving middling reviews from critics prior to its release on the platform.

Directed by The Crown's Benjamin Caron, the A24 movie released on February 17 and also stars the likes of Brianna Middleton, Justice Smith, and John Lithgow. Think The Usual Suspects meets Ocean's Eleven, it focuses on a ragtag team of thieves who embark on an elaborate long con to steal billions from a wealthy New Yorker. To say more than that would spoil the film's unexpected turns, which look to have impressed those who have tuned in already.

"Tonight we watched SHARPER (dir. Benjamin Caron), which was great fun. It was the kind of movie they they did back in the late 90s, taking on new noir tropes with a game cast of faces new and familiar," one viewer wrote on Twitter recently, noting how "cleverly" the film plays with its own timeline. "It's a joy to watch the script slowly reveal the truth behind character motivations."

"Sharper is a very good movie," said another, as a third added: "Lots of fun. Love a good caper/con movie. This one kind of falls into the hole of throwing so many twists your way that, by the end, you're actively assuming everything you are watching isn't actually happening, so you aren't caught off guard."

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That's not to say critics disliked Sharper, however. The film currently has a 69% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with most reviews praising its refreshingly retro plot and star-studded cast.

Sharper is available to stream on Apple TV Plus now. For more, check out out list of the most exciting upcoming movies coming our way across 2023 and beyond.

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