Shang-Chi post-credits scenes explained: what they mean for the MCU

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
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Shang-Chi has finally landed – and that means there's are multiple Shang-Chi post-credits scenes to contend with. While the movie isn't packed with references to the wider MCU, its after-credits scenes have major clues about what's coming next for the title character, as well as the rest of the Marvel universe. 

We've gone through exactly what happens in both Shang-Chi post-credits scenes, and done a deep dive into what they might mean. Scroll on for the complete lowdown on Shang-Chi's stingers.  

How many post-credits scenes does Shang-Chi have?

Marvel's Shang-Chi

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The movie has two post-credits scenes: one a mid-credits stinger, and one right at the end. Don't leave before the credits have finished rolling! 

What happens in the first Shang-Chi post-credits scene?

Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings

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Warning: Major Shang-Chi post-credits spoilers ahead. Turn back if you have not seen the new Marvel movie!

Still here? Then you have seen Wong appear before Shang-Chi and Katy, the sorcerer whisking the pair away, seemingly to the Sanctum Sanctorum. There, two Avengers speak over hologram: Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner. 

They examine the Ten Rings and find that they're acting as a beacon of some kind for something – or someone – in space. None of the heroes are sure who they could be calling to, but Wong warns Shang-Chi and Katy that their lives are about to get drastically different now that they're heroes.

It's not clear who – or what – the Rings are calling out to, but it could be a new hero from beyond the stars, or a whole new threat entirely. That could spell trouble for a potential sequel, or even be part of setting the stage for a future team-up movie like a possible Avengers 5. 

There might be a clue in the origins of the Ten Rings in Marvel comics, though. They're actually from space themselves, scavenged from the wreckage of a ship from planet Maklu IV by the Mandarin. The rings turn out to be essentially containers for the souls of dead Makluans, who influence the Mandarin to conquer Earth, and bring them back to life so they can rule.

That might seem completely disconnected from the MCU, but the catch is Maklauns are pretty much huge dragons (though they can shape-shift). We've already been introduced to the Great Protector at the end of Shang-Chi, so we know these mythical creatures are alive and kicking in the MCU. Does that mean the Rings are sending out a beacon to their home, calling for more dragons? It's possible, and going by the comics, they might not necessarily be as friendly as the Great Protector. 

It's also interesting that Bruce has managed to transform out of his Smart Hulk form, and is now fully human again – though he still has his arm in a sling. It's not clear yet if that means the end of the Hulk entirely, or if Bruce can now shift into his giant green form and back again like before.

What happens in the second Shang-Chi post-credits scene?

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)

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We see Xialing back in her childhood bedroom before she goes to take her father's throne – and watches the Ten Rings group in training, which for the first time includes women. After the scene, the words "The Ten Rings will return" appear on-screen.

Now that Xialing is at the head of the shadowy Ten Rings, we can probably expect the group to operate a little differently. How exactly that plays out remains to be seen – though we can assume the ending text refers to both the group and the actual Ten Rings, now in Shang-Chi's possession. That means we can likely expect a sequel, which will see Xialing back along with her brother. 

Plus, in Marvel comics, Shang-Chi has recently taken control of his father's criminal empire in the hopes of turning it into a force for good. That might sound familiar, but with Xialing at the head, it's a little harder to predict which direction she'll be taking the Ten Rings – especially as the comics have also introduced a sister for Shang-Chi who seems a tad villainous. Could Xialing and her Ten Rings turn out to be a new big bad in the MCU? Time will tell, but it doesn't seem that likely, considering Xialing proved herself capable of being very heroic in the movie.  

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