Shadow Complex 100% guide

Passkey Components - P [1-12] / Collect all to access Fusion Helmet

P1: Swim down and to the left, follow the tunnel to the passkey

P2: Requires grenades, scuba mask. After collecting the scuba mask [E10] jump over the shelves and drop down into the water. Swim all the way down and to the right

P3: Requires grenades. From where you first see the passkey, go up and to the left, then drop down into the tile behind it. Blow the door open and go right

P4: Requires friction dampener. Sprint from the left, jump so you're sprinting on roof. See video

P5: Requires friction dampener. Pull lever, sprint right. Jump onto wall and continue through door. Jump again at end of scaffolding. See video

P6: Shoot floor panel, drop down to collect passkey

P7: Requires grenades. In the room where you first get grenades, shoot a grenade behind the crates to blow out an invisible panel. Jump down and follow the tunnel left and up to the passkey

P8: Shoot floor panel in left corner, drop down and proceed right till you get the passkey

P9: Requires friction dampener. See video

P10: Requires grappling hook, double- or triple- jump. Jump up toward the second wood platform, shoot your hook near the opening in the underside, then jump up

P11: Requires grappling hook. Scale the cliff till you reach the small platform with the key on it

P12: Requires foam gun. Use foam to open the vents in the elevator shaft. Trigger the elevator to go down, then quickly drop into one of the vents so the elevator goes past you. Now you're above the elevator. Climb up the elevator shaft and shoot open the panel on the left. Crawl into the vent and collect the key

Aug 28, 2009