Shadow Complex 100% guide

Here it is, our totally complete 100% guide to every item and powerup in Shadow Complex. We have a collection of lovely detail maps for you to download, as well as an online guide with screenshots and video for those hard-to-find items.

First, grab these maps and the key. You may want to print them out and keep them on hand while you play. Then consult our items and upgrades compendium for screens and video.

Full Map


Section A - Gennesseret

Section B - Junction

Section C - Power Core

Section D - Shipping Hub

Section E - Factory Operations

Section F - Lower Mines

Section G - Omega Vault

Section H - Barracks

The Vault

Items and Upgrades

-Armor Upgrades


-Foam Packs

-Gold Bars

-Grenade Packs

-Health Upgrades

-Missile Packs

-Passkey Components

This guide is meant to be used in conjunction with the in-game directives and the maps we've created. Items are numbered in the order we found them; by cross-referencing with the map you should be able to collect them more efficiently. We’ve included video for the most difficult items.

Armor Upgrades - A [1-10]

A1: Requires double jump, up and to the right then drop down to it

A2: Requires double jump, grenades. From front door jump up and to the right, then use grenades

A3: Requires foam to open vent

A4: Crawl left into the tunnel, then shoot up to clear the rocks

A5: Requires double-jump, look for small cave on ridge

A6: On the left, hidden behind a fallen beam

A7: Requires missiles. Shoot out red panel from elevator, then crawl right and up

A8: Requires triple jump, hook shot. See video

A9: Requires missiles. Save room in barracks area, center of floor

A10: Requires foam. Vent on left side, halfway up elevator shaft. See video