Shadow Complex 100% guide

Foam Packs - F [1-20] / Collect all for infinite foam ammmo

F1: Gives you the foam gun

F2: Requires foam gun

F3: Requires foam gun

F4: Requires foam gun. Shoot the large box, then drop into the vent and move right. Open the vent above with foam

F5: Requires scuba mask, grenade. Dive into the water, grenade rocks in lower left corner

F6: Requires foam gun. Open the foam door, climb ladder and go to the left

F7: Requires foam gun. Open vent on lower right with foam, crawl down and to the right

F8: Jump down into the canyon, look in cave to the right

F9: Requires foam gun

F10: Requires double-jump

F11: Requires double-jump

F12: Jump down through the tracks, go left then jump up to the platform

F13: Jump up into the vent and wall jump up to the top, then crawl to the right

F14: Requires missiles, grenades

F15: Requires foam. Jump up into vent, follow it up and to the left

F16: Requires friction dampener. See video

F17: Requires triple jump, grappling hook, foam, and grenade. See video

F18: Requires grenade, friction dampener. Blow open the green panel in lower left corner of room, drop down onto conveyor belt and run right. Careful! Going left dumps you into an insta-death furnace! See video

F19: Requires foam gun

F20: Requires grenades, missiles. See video