Shadow Complex 100% guide

Gold Bars - B [1-12] / Collect all for secret room

B1: Dive down to the bottom left

B2: Go all the way to the left during the boss fight

B3: Drop down to the bottom, then jump up behind the ladder

B4: On top of the filing cabinets on the right side of the room

B5: Requires grenades, friction dampener. Use grenades to drop the containers in the room to the right, then sprint across them into the room with the Gold Bar. Remember to jump just before the low wall.

B6: Shoot out the panel in the ceiling, climb up into the vent. This should be the first Gold Bar you get!

B7: Shoot out the panel and crawl left into the vent

B8: Bar is behind the crates, destroy them with gun

B9: Requires friction dampener. One of the toughest pickups in the game - see video

B10: Requires triple jump, grappling hook - see video

B11: Requires triple jump, grappling hook

B12: Requires double jump, grappling hook. Hook/jump your way to the upper right corner

Once you have all 12 Gold Bars, a glowing "!" will appear on the map, indicating a secret room containing gold-plated weapons