Shadow Complex 100% guide

Equipment - E
A note on equipment: the game by default leads you to each piece of equipment. The one exception is the Fusion Helmet.

E1: Flashlight

E2: Climbing Gear

E3: WSP40 Pistol

E4: WSMP50 Compact / gun upgrade

E5: WSM400A1 Carbine / gun upgrade, requires grenades

E6: CLD Thrust Pack / also includes Fusion Body Armor (E7)

E7: Fusion Body Armor / replaced later by Omega Armor

E8: SCHCA Mask / scuba mask lets you stay underwater indefinitely

E9: Omega Armor / armor bonus

E10: Friction Dampener / enables charged sprint

E11: WSAR60 Coil Rifle / defeat the XOS-1, then shoot out the floor panel at the end of the hallway

E12: Hook / the grappling hook

E13: Thrust Boots / enables triple-jump

E14: Inertial Element / the "shotgun" upgrade

E15: Fusion Helmet / requires the 12 Passkey Components, armor bonus when standing still or walking slowly