SFX Weekender Photo Extravaganza

Here's just a taster of the weekend 's events. There'll be loads more images from The SFX Weekender in SFX 194, out on 10 March.

Arrival: the holiday reps prepare to sell the new arrivals some time share on Tatooine

SFX’s Russell Lewin and Adrian Hill try to steal the limelight from some leggy ladies

We were never short of David Tennant impersonators

The SFX crew pays homage to The Imperious Leader during the opening ceremony

Author China Mieville holds court in The Slaughtered Lamb (it was kind of SFX's equivalent to the acoustic stage at Glastonbury)

Killer Klowns – aaarrrgggghhhhh!

Just a mere smidgin of the 3,000 people at the event over the two days

SFX’s Dave Golder sits on stage like some mad stalker all the way through James Marsters’s talk

Darth Vader - cowabunga (or whatever the cool kids say this century)

The Blastermind pub quiz had 60 teams! Hell for the poor markers

Tom Baker on the main stage – any minute now he will impersonate the sound of a rabbit being murdered. No, really !

Gerry Anderson was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award

The ever-lovely Lis Sladen clearly has an ageing picture of herself in the attic

The lovely SFX awards themselves.

The morning after the ceremony before. Some of the SFX team flog the new, hot-off-the-press issue

All pics except the last one by Rob Monk. Final Picture by Dave Bradley. All © SFX/Future publishing.

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