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Roll up, roll up. The red carpet’s out, the champagne’s flowing and you’re invited to the only awards show of the New Year that really matters – The SFX Reader Awards 2009. You voted in your thousands and now that the SFX number crunching monkeys have tallied up the final results, we can finally reveal what you consider to be the shining examples of science fiction in 2009. From best film to biggest disappointment, no aspect of the genre has been left unjudged by the only people that count – you the viewers, readers and gamers who live and breath sci-fi on a daily basis. So sit back, relax and put your feet up as you take us by the hand through the best of the year.

And don’t forget, there’ll be a full awards rundown feature in SFX 194, on sale on Wednesday, which will have extra categories and results (listed below), full top 10s for each category, close but no nominations that just missed out and some of the more bizarre nominations we received in various categories.

Those SFX magazine exclusive categories in full:

* Sexiest Male
* Sexiest Female
* Best Special FX
* Best Monster or Villain
* Best Death Scene
* Best Plot Twist
* Best Fight Scene
* Best Gadget
* Best Dialogue
* Biggest Disappointment

So now, let’s get on with the show. For the BEST FILM winner click here