SFX Awards 2011 Has Amassed Over 200,000 Votes

That’s from over 11,000 voters. But it’s not too late to cast your votes if you haven’t yet and possibly win tickets to the awards ceremony!

This year’s voting for the SFX Awards has broken all records, with – currently – more than double the votes we had last year (and yes, you doubting Thomases out there, we have eliminated votes from hackers who managed to vote multiple times – these figures are completely kosher!). So far we’ve had over 200,000 individual votes from over 11,000 voters. I think we can genuinely say – crikey!

But it’s not too late if you haven’t cast your votes yet.

It's your chance to influence the biggest night of the SFX calendar: the annual, coveted SFX Sci-Fi Awards! And you could win tickets to the SFX Weekender where you'll see the SFX Awards live, hosted by author Robert Rankin. All you have to do is vote then leave us your details. Plus you'll meet top stars including Keely Hawes ( Ashes To Ashes ), Anthony Head ( Buffy and Merlin ), Terry Pratchett, George Takei ( Star Trek and Heroes ) and Craig Charles ( Red Dwarf ).

Just click here and you’ll be taken to the voting site. It’s dead easy, and you don’t just have to vote for the things we’ve suggested. Feel free to give us your own nominations.

If you aren’t lucky enough to win tickets you can buy yours by calling our ticket hotline on 08700 110034 or visit www.sfxweekender.com .

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