SFX 218 Preview

Catching up with the Winchesters for the new season of Supernatural , directors Neveldine and Taylor talk Ghost Rider 2 and an exclusive reveal of Being Human series four

On sale Wednesday 11 January .

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Hunting Season

Those Winchesters just can’t catch a break. If it isn’t the apocalypse it’s their own allies turning all evil and threatening to enslave the world, which is exactly the predicament the brothers find themselves in at the start of Supernatural season seven . We chat to showrunner Sera Gamble and stars Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins in search of new season secrets.

Hell On Earth

Let’s face it, the first Ghost Rider was (flaming) pants. But that’s alright because the sequel/reboot Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance all but ignores what came before. Nic Cage is back, of course, but bonkers Crank duo Neveldine and Taylor have been given the keys to the hell cycle, and it’s that delightful duo who tell us what to expect when it hits cinemas in February.

Fresh Meat

It’s all change in Honolulu Heights, with Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey making way for new blood Damien Molony (vampire Hal) and Michael Socha (werewolf Tom). We chat to the pair direct from the set of Being Human series four and Toby Whithouse gives us an exclusive episode-by-episode preview.

Under the Radar

We preview nine hidden gems that might pass you by in the year superheroes take over the big screen including The Raven, Jack The Giant Killer and Snow White And The Huntsman . Don’t miss ‘em.

Art Attack

The Clone Wars is one of the best looking animated TV shows ever. Don’t agree with us? Then you might after our reading our exclusive chat with ILM’s Joel Aron about the look of the show.


Don’t Miss

Retro-tastic: Time Machine does Terminator 2 , Lee Majors tells us what is was like to be the Six Million Dollar Man and we tell you 20 Reasons We Love The Prisoner .

One on One: We have a Close Encounter with True Blood ’s saucy undead redhead Deborah Ann Woll, discover Charlaine Harris’ Heroes & Inspirations and speak to Alastair Reynolds about his latest Blue Remembered Earth.

Spoiler Zone: American Horror Story, Chuck, Fringe, Merlin, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Terra Nova, The Walking Dead, Lost Girl and Sanctuary are all reviewed.


Red Alert

  • Everything you need to know about terrifying new faux-doc show The River , from the makers of Paranormal Activity .
  • Once Upon A Time there was this show about a fairytale world that took America by storm… catch up on the latest before it reaches UK shores.
  • A lot can change in 18 years, just ask the makers of Syndicate , which returns next month as a slick, futuristic first person shooter penned by top author Richard Morgan.

Rated: The Woman In Black , Black Mirror , Troll Hunter , Misfits Series Three, Arrietty, Doctor Who : Unit Files, Blue Remembered Earth, Neonomicon, Resident Evil: Revelations .

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