Seth Rogen talks Preacher adaptation

Seth Rogen has been discussing the forthcoming Preacher pilot he is currently writing with Evan Goldberg, and is keen to establish his adaptation as something markedly different from the comic-books.

"We’re still in the writing phase and we’re signing on to direct the pilot if it gets picked up to get made," says Rogen, in an interview with Collider . "[ AMC wants the script ] probably sooner than they’ll get it."

"We really have to shape the whole series to some degree before you start writing the pilot, and we really want to change some of the ideas, not just to change them, but to expand on them and emphasise some and de-emphasise others."

"So we’ve had to do a lot more work than I expected before we could actually start writing the pilot, honestly. We kind of have to shape the whole series in a weird way."

"I honestly want to make it so that if you have read the comics, you don’t know what to expect," continues Rogen. "It’s pointless just to make a literal interpretation of the comics. If you want that experience, you can go read the comics."

Hopefully AMC feels similarly, and a full-series order is nailed down as soon as possible. We've waited long enough to see Preacher make the jump from page to screen…

George Wales

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