Seth Rogen - Mall Cop

Ah, the noble shopping centre security guard. It’s a subject ripe for mockery, as anyone who’s ever seen Kevin Smith’s Mallrats can attest.

It’s no surprise that Jody Hill, writer and director of incoming comedy The Foot Fist Way has chosen just such a bloke to spotlight in his next film, Observe And Report.

He’ll have some competition – I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry’s Kevin James is already getting set to play a mall cop. Hill’s not worried though – thanks to a friendship with the Apatow gang, he’s snagged Seth Rogen to play Ronnie Barnhardt, a power-crazed, self-deluded badge-waver who ends up in a turf war with the local police. And, like Superbad and Foot Fist Way, Observe plans to be a much filthier comedy than James’ effort.

Variety has checked out all the details . But no running or skateboarding over there!