See the Grand Theft Auto V trailer recreated in Grand Theft Auto IV

The entire trailer for GTA 5, recreated with imaginative shot substitutions within Grand Theft Auto IV? Oh, now why the hey would you go and do a thing like that. Well, for starters, you (or Beanmike, the clip's editor) might want a point of comparison between the look of the two games. Or maybe the desire to see the long-suffering Mr. Bellic's jug-eared visage looking out over a whole new story knows no bounds. We definitely sympathize.

Or – here's a possibility – maybe this is an East Coast/West Coast thing. Sure, because everyone knows New York and LA (ahem, Liberty and Los Santos) have that long-standing rivalry, right? What better way to score a point for Coney Island, Biggie Smalls and Letterman than to recreate the home of Venice Beach, 'Pac and Leno within New York? Or, most likely, the whole thing's just one of the many clever tricks players continue to play within GTA IV.

One thing's for sure: not only is Beanmike apparently one of the GTA V trailer's most dedicated viewers, but he's channeled that obsession into something easily worth a few minutes of your time. And what have you done with those accumulated hours Rockstar's never giving back?