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See Dwayne Johnson As The Tooth Fairy

Arriving to mass groans in the Total Film office this morning is the first one-sheet for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's The Tooth Fairy , a family comedy that sees Johnson tough as nails Ice Hockey player having to fill in as the mythical denture dealer.

The official plot synopsis is a pun-fest the likes of which will make your eyes bleed, using phrases like 'at first, he can't handle the tooth ". Groan.

That should be no surprise for people who've seen the poster however - just take a look at that tagline;

That's right. Groan. Personally, we'd have gone for something like, 'The Tooth Will Set You Free', or 'Tooth or Dare'.

And unbelievably, The Tooth Fairy is not a parody of all the sugar coated, inoffensively nauseas family comedies of recent years - they're actually serious.

Be afraid. The writer, a guy named Randi Mayem Singer, is penning Big Momma's House 3, and has just sold a pitch for an update on the Genie story, called Gene. It's a family comedy apparently.

Looking forward to seeing Johnson in a tutu? Fearing for your sanity and the apocalypse? Let us know.