Secret Invasion Disney Plus series casts Kingsley Ben-Adir in lead role

Kingsley Ben-Adir in One Night in Miami
Kingsley Ben-Adir in One Night in Miami (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Kingsley Ben-Adir has been cast alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn in the Disney Plus series Secret Invasion, reports Variety.

Ben-Adir will reportedly play one of the primary antagonists in the Disney Plus series, though Marvel and Disney Plus are staying tight-lipped about further character details. Ben-Adir is perhaps best-known for playing Malcolm X in the Oscar-nominated 2020 drama One Night in Miami.

Disney Plus's Secret Invasion brings back Jackson's Nick Fury from the MCU Avengers movies, as well as Mendelsohn's Talos from Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home. The series is adapting a comic book crossover storyline that explores the invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, a species of shape-shifting aliens taking the appearance of several superheroes as impostors. Reports surfaced that a Disney Plus series based on the story arc was in development in September, and Disney Plus confirmed this to be true in December during its investor's day event.

In an interview with Comic Book, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige described the upcoming series as "a showcase for Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn" that taps into "the paranoia elements of the Secret Invasion comic series that was great with the twists and turns that that took."

On top of his acclaimed portrayal of Malcom X, Ben-Adir has had recurring roles in series including Peaky Blinders, The OA, and The Comey Rule, in which he played former US president Barack Obama.

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