Second Monsters Vs Aliens trailer online

The new trailer for Monsters Vs Aliens has arrived on the Interwebs.

This new promo features more from Reese Witherspoon’s Susan, AKA Ginormica, including her origin story.

Turns out she was a normal girl just trying to get married when she’s struck by a meteorite and becomes 50 feet tall. Soon, she’s recruited to help fight off an alien invasion.

Featuring the voices of Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Reese Witherspoon, Stephen Colbert and Will Arnett, Monsters Vs Aliens already looks like a winner.

3D Release

DreamWorks’ big hope for 3D, the trailer alone is packed with solid gags – Colbert’s “code brown” moment alone is one for the ages.

Check out the footage over at MSN and wonder what Seth Rogen has on the DreamWorks team that lets him voice every single one of their recent releases.

[Source: MSN]