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Season Of The Witch teaser trailer is here

The first teaser trailer for Nic Cage's demonic action movie Season Of The Witch is now online and you can see it below.

The plot finds Cage as a 14th century knight charged with the difficult mission of bringing a suspected witch to a monastery where it's hoped that she can be exorcised.

Adding fuel to the fire is the suspicion that her powers might be causing the Black Plague - so you can understand why everyone is a little bit scared of her.

It's such a brief clip that it's tough to judge the tone, though it does seem to want to be a horror-flecked b-movie action thriller. And we're a little worried by the presence of Dominic "Gone In 60 Seconds/Swordfish" at the helm, but perhaps this is the film he was born to make?

Take a look at the footage below and decide for yourself…