Sea of Thieves player blasts a player out of existence with a new weapon

Sea of Thieves A Pirate's Life Season 3 key art
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A Sea of Thieves player unlocked the incredible power of a new weapon in Season 3, and it seems pretty OP.

Yesterday, Sea of Thieves Season 3 went live and the update brought a bunch of Tall Tales made in collaboration with Disney and its Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. If you're hoping to go into the new season completely fresh, this is your official spoiler warning, although we won't be revealing any story information.

As shared by MutleyRulz on Reddit, the new weapon is a trident, which can be used by charging up its power and then firing a deadly, magical blast. But it appears as if this trident is a little overtuned. As demonstrated in the video, the player charges up the trident, and targets another player in the open world, just casually chilling next to "The Castaway" who has books to start Tall Tales. When the blast is dealt, the other player appears to take damage and then just vanishes entirely, literally being obliterated out of existence.

We can't tell if the blast killed the player in one blast, but even if it did, the player should have dropped to their knees while being given the chance to be revived by teammates or go to the Ferryman. There is the chance that they were already in the process of disconnecting from the game, but one Reddit user notes that they think the building on the Golden Sands island is buggy and lets you glitch inside it. However, we can't seem to recreate this.

Grabbing one of these tridents is a fairly easy task in Sea of Thieves, as they're scattered around the open world and don't seem to be tied directly to the Tall Tales. The one in the above video was obtained by nicking it from a reaper brig, while other players have confirmed they got theirs by defeating various enemies such as a Siren leader, Megalodon, Kraken, or even just finding them on shipwrecks or stuffed away in barrels.

The trident apparently has tiers that use limited energy, similar to fire skulls. The above video was charged to the highest tier which one Reddit user claims will give you around 10 shots at that level of charge.

At the moment, the player vanishing looks like it's tied to a bug or disconnection rather than a high-powered attack, so it doesn't seem like Rare will nerf the trident. Although lots of players seem to be saying that they're incredible common to find which may find Rare reducing the spawn rate at a later date.

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