Sea of Thieves gets an official Xbox Series X ship set, and it's very green

Rare has unveiled a Sea of Thieves ship set celebrating the launch of Xbox Series X, and it wears its Xbox banners loudly and proudly. Check out the awesomely over-the-top ship set in the reveal trailer up top.

The Duke Ship Set is a free reward for anyone that logs into Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X or S between now and May 9, 2021 - that's right, you have over six months to get your ship set, so no rush. The sails, flag, hull, canons, figurehead, wheel, and capstan are all adorned with various iterations of the glowing green Xbox logo, and the whole thing really comes alive at night. And while it might not be the most practical outfit for stealthy crews, that's the price you pay for brand loyalty.

Of course, those with Sea of Thieves and a next-gen Xbox have more than the Duke Ship Set to look forward to. Sea of Thieves is one of the games Microsoft is giving the Xbox Series X upgrade treatment, improving load times and delivering 4K/ 60fps on the Series X and 1080p/ 60fps on Series S. If you want to see what that looks like in terms of gameplay, check out how insanely fast Sea of Thieves mermaid spawns load on Xbox Series X.

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Jordan Gerblick

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