Scrapped Alien 5 art showcases Ripley wearing a xenomorph suit and never-before-seen Alien creatures

Sigourney Weaver in Alien
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Neill Blomkamp's Aliens sequel is probably never going to happen, but the concept art continuing to emerge some five years later continues to prove exciting as hell. Recently, concept artist Geoffroy Thoorens released a batch of previously-unseen artwork pieces commissioned for the movie, and he has continued to drip-feed more tasty morsels about the scrapped project. 

This latest batch reveals a lot of new information about Blomkamp's sequel, which planned to take place immediately after the events of Aliens. Tentatively titled Alien: Red Harvest, it would have effectively splintered away from the established movie's canon ignoring Alien 3 and, instead, following a story involving the company finally getting its hands on the Derelict ship from the first two movies. And yes; Ripley, Hicks, and Newt would've survived and played a part in this franchise reboot. 

These images, posted to Thoorens Instagram account, showcase a slew of fresh alien creatures and a first look at Ripley in a very special outfit about to battle an Alien queen. In the comments, Thoorens says these were "based on the first ideas before the final script."

Ripley fights a xenomorph queen wearing a biomechanoid xenomorph queen suit. While that alone is incredibly exciting for this writer, there's plenty more goodies if you scroll through.

One features a man stood over an egg, pulling a chestburster's tail from his abdomen. Another shows a room of xenomorph eggs, hooked up to machines with a person held at gunpoint in the foreground; could it be Ripley and Hicks' crew discovering Weyland-Yutani's breeding ground for the aliens? The last images show a crew member named Miller being attacked by an alien trematode. YIKES.

Nevertheless, Blomkamp's vision for a sequel was quashed when 20th Century Fox told Blomkamp to hang fire, so Ridley Scott could complete his vision and shoot Alien: Covenant. Following Covenant's less-than-stellar box office, Blomkamp's movie was scrapped… and boy, is that a shame. In an interview with Deadline , Noah Hawley, who's currently in the "early stages" of an Alien series for Disney and FX said he'd "pay good money" to see Blomkamp's Alien movie. 

Back in 2016, Sigourney Weaver said they had "a great script… It’s a great story and it’s satisfying to me to give this woman an ending." She added: "The script itself has so much in it that’s so original, but also really satisfies the, I would say, the primal needs of the aliens."

While we're likely to never see Blomkamp's Alien sequel *sob*, there's still that other Alien 5 movie which original Alien producers David Giler, who has since passed, and Walter Hill presented to Weaver last summer. Until we hear anything new on the Alien franchise, you can scare yourself silly with our picks of the best horror movies ever made and our guide to the Alien xenomorphs.

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