Score a Victrolley Royale in Fortnite, as Patch 4.3.0 introduces shield-boosting mushrooms and rideable shopping carts

Fortnite Battle Royale continues to make good on its world domination with a new update this week, patch v3.4.0, which - as is tradition - tunes up the game while adding a few more extra gameplay features for players to enjoy in its bouts of free-to-play island death matches. 

The update has been rolled out and servers are back online as of today, which means you can jump into Battle Royale right now to check it out for yourself, but here's what to expect. 

First of all, the shopping cart has arrived, as promised by last week's tease from Epic Games. This is the closest thing that Fortnite Battle Royale has to a vehicle, something that many other titles in the genre are known for, but it's exactly as silly as you'd expect from the studio that previously gave us Boogie Bombs and Cozy Campfires. 

The shopping cart is a two man vehicle that can be found randomly around the Battle Royale map, with one player pushing the cart from the back and other riding shotgun, standing on the cart itself. The former will have to repeatedly tap a button to keep the cart going, but can hold that same button to coast once there's enough momentum, or when you're going downhill.

Meanwhile, the passenger is able to shoot in a stationary position on the cart and look around at any angle, adding some handy firepower to the vehicle if you're playing with a friend. You can already imagine the kind of fun that people are going to have with exploring the cart's capabilities in combat, and I can't wait to see the results. 

In other news, mushrooms have also been added to Fortnite Battle Royale, which will be music to the ears of mycophiles. These are consumable items than can be foraged around "shady wooded or swampy areas", so I'd suggest heading to Moisty Mire or Wailing Woods if you're looking to find one. 

Eating one of these mushrooms will award you with 5 shield, which doesn't sound like a big deal but, stacked together, these can get you up to full shield if you manage to acquire enough of them (though they seem to be pretty rare). Mushrooms will most likely come in handy in combat, when you're not carrying any shield, but have a quick second to grab a nearby fungi to boost you with a little bit extra. 

So shopping carts and mushrooms are the big features of today's Battle Royale update, but Epic Games has also implemented a few notable hotfixes for the game too. The Turbo Build mechanic has been introduced, for one thing, meaning that structures will build themselves more quickly after the first piece has been laid by a player, while the Challenge Tracker will notify you whenever you progress a challenge while playing a match, as seen in the above image. 

Two limited event modes, Blitz and 20v20, each with their own new and improved updates, but you can read about all of it in Epic's Patch Notes right here. Once you've done that, let us know your thoughts on the shopping cart in the comments below, and see if you find them helpful in your quest for more Victory Royales. 

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