Say goodbye to PSN - it's SEN from now on

The PlayStation Network is being rebranded with a new name - Sony Entertainment Network or 'SEN' for short. This will happen as soon as Wednesday, February 8, so there's little time to get used to the idea. It comes with a new logo too, or at least the logo that the company has been using in other sectors of its business for a while now.

The change will be implemented via a firmware update and all PSN users' account data will be moved across automatically (and securely *cough*). The move is intended to establish "a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account", according to a statement from the company.

Above: Goodbye old PSN logo, hello SEN logo. We're sure we'll come to love you too

What does that mean? That Sony is looking to follow Microsoft's lead and make their console more of a service-streaming unit - the kind of set-top box people talked about ten years ago. Games will become just one aspect of the entertainment experience offered through PlayStation as Sony looks to channel all of its various branches down into one single service - SEN.

So we're guessing it's bye-bye to that PlayStation Network logo that was news in itself not so long ago. The future is bright. The future is orange and blue and green and yellow. Best get used to it...

Source: MCV

Justin Towell

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