Save $50 on this huge Lego Minecraft set for a 2,863-piece gift

Video games are great, but there's still no present quite like a massive Lego set to inspire glee in the hearts of children of all ages. Consider this deal Amazon is running on a Lego Minecraft The Mountain Cave Building Kit your invitation to make the heck out of somebody's holiday, even if that somebody happens to be yourself. You can pick up the nearly 3,000 piece set of brick-connecting joy for $199.99 on Amazon right now, which is $50 or a 20 percent saving off the standard price.

Lego Minecraft The Mountain Cave Building Kit for $199.99 (save $50) on Amazon

Lego Minecraft The Mountain Cave Building Kit for $199.99 (save $50) on Amazon
If you or someone you love enjoys Minecraft, or just having a huge Lego project to work on for quite possibly days at a time, this is an ideal purchase. Featuring minecart tracks, a waterfall, a cave, and a shelter, you'll keep finding details long after you're done putting it together.

Like most Lego Minecraft sets, this one becomes a sort of a diorama of an in-game scene once you're done building it. Near the top you'll find a snowy mountain peak, a waterfall, and an elevator starting a customizable minecart track. Moving downward there's a hidden first-night shelter complete with bed and crafting table, and a plateau with some happy little trees. At the bottom the minecart track leads back into the mountain, where you'll find a (relatively) sprawling cave, walls studded with treasures and ores, and the bottom of the minecart elevator waiting to take you back to the top.

You can populate the whole scene with an ensemble cast of included minifigures, beasts, and monsters. Among the set are Steve and Alex, a slime, a skeleton, an enderman, and even a charged Creeper (which you don't need to worry about blowing up your entire base in this plastic form, but I'd understand if you still prefer to keep it in a separate room). And if you like blocks, here are the best Star Wars Lego sets.

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